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Advertise within means addressing to SubSaharan African communities and to their diaspora in Europe, North America and where ever else. As a generalist portal, is aimed at a wide audience which core target is people between 20-40.

Your campaigns will find a responsive audience in, let’s explain you why in three single words : Relevancy, Performance & Network.
Relevancy: proposes an adapted content to Africans expectations:
Strong communication & socialisation services such as chat, comments & ratings, forums, profile creation and so on.
Editorial content in phase with African interests: News, Music, Sport & Education.
Premium services such as credit transfer to decrease the distance between the African diaspora and their relatives.

Performance: ads formats have been selected with care to make your campaigns effective, impactful & creative. We propose you the following formats:
The Medium rectangle 300×250 easily visible from any page of the portal. This format is ideally placed ; integrated to editorial content and on the 1st screen seen by the web user.
The leaderboard 728x 90 just on the top of header. This Ad format is seen on the very 1st seconds of page loading.
The background skin, usually more dedicated to special event campaigns, is one of the most performing ad format with a very good click through rate.
You will have the possibility to address a specific part of our audience and so to target your campaigns to the African English speaking area or to the French one.

Network: can benefit from the Orange network in Africa & in Europe upon advertisers requests.
In Africa, Orange benefits from a 20 websites network and an average of 15 mobile portals.
You will consequently take advantage of Orange power.
We are currently working with Com2Be, an adsales house specialised in Africa.

For more information, download the media kit

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