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EU injects $1.175m into vocational training in Swaziland

The European Union (EU) has injected $1.175 million for TechnoServe to train Swazi youths on entrepreneurship through collaboration with different churches. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, TechnoServe Programme Manager Samkelo Sukati said although they were initially sponsored for two years, they have been given an extension of 10 months to complete the whole project.

Mr. Sukati said that through this programme, TechnoServe aims to equip Swazi youth with the much needed entrepreneurial skills to better prepare them for the business world either as employees or employers.

He explained that they had over the last two years trained over 15 church groups, some of which have gone on to start some income generating activities, while some young church members have started their own businesses.

He said the TechnoServe curriculum is now being taught in five different vocational schools, and they also work closely with the Enactus national office and provide training to all the Enactus teams.

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