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Do your personal accounts with Homebank!


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HomeBank is a software enabling you to do your personnel accounts. Try it & you won’t regret it!
Do you want to do some savings? Then Homebank, a personal accounting software, is just what you need.

“Where is going my money?” If you want an answer to this question, then HomeBank software is the right tool for you. Homebank is a personal accounting software whose motto is “Free, easy, personal accounting for everyone”. Therefore it is the ease of use which is strenghtened in its motto. This software easy handling is based on an experience of 14 years development fostered by many users’ feedbacks.

Analyse your finances in depth
HomeBank is based on two concepts : the account and the transaction. The first one represents your money in reserve, the second one is for all your expenditures & your inbound revenues. When you receive or you spend money, your transactions are taken into account on different cost items.

By analysing these cost items data and their trends, you can then check your personal accounting. To this aim, current expenditures are easily visible thanks to a filter system, and various graphs & bar charts. Suitable with existing standard formats, Homebank gives you the possibility to re-use data generated with former softwares without needing to enter again your data.

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