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Read or create an archive with 7-Zip


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7-Zip is a file compression & archiver software.
You want to compress your folders and archive your files, then 7-zip is done for you.

It is sometimes useful to reduce files size or a notebook in a single file as it is quicker & easier to manage for instance when you want to send a professionnal folder through e-mail, or when you want to display it in an Internet site.
It is what we call “To create an Archive”. Moreover when you want to send data on the network, it is quite useful to save some time to reduce file size by compressing.
One of the best compression rate.
7-Zip is a file compression & archiver software quite easy to use. It gives one of the best compression rates. You can create archival files (containing files and folders) in order to keep them or to forward them.

You can as well zip your file before sending them, or to unzip files you received. This software is a kind of compression Swiss army knife, 7-Zip can unscample about thirty formats. Safety should not be neglected when it is about sending private data. That the reason why 7-zip gives as well the possibility to encode your data: they will be protected by a password thanks to reliable cryptography methods.

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