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Make a calculation table : Calc


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Calc is an integrated spreadsheet software on adoption by many players (companies, associations, public institutions) shows that the software is positioned as a refering Open source Office software proposing complete solutions.
OOo Calc spreadsheet is a software which enables to process information and data in a table to make calculations and get statistics.
For calculations and statistics
To attend kids to do their homeworks or adults on their job, OOo Calc spreadsheet is the best tool for all family members. Indeed, this software has more than 450 functions classified in different categories, a complete range of two and three dimensions graphs and spreadsheets. You can as well convert expenditures, fully spelt out formulas into data thanks OOo Calc !

Tables can be registered on all formats, the most used one is Open Document which has been ISO certified. If you are interested in publishing a calculation spreadsheet then the best is to export your speadsheet in a more convenient format for printing & publishing. All other calculation spreadsheet done through another spreasheet program can be taken into account by OOo Calc.

To download the software, click here or on the logo.

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