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Create a file layout with Scribus – download, tutorial


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Scribus is a publishing software to create sales brochures, books and magazines.
You want to publish leaflets, books or magazines then Scribus is done for you.

Do you want to launch a newspaper for your association or your school? Does your company want an interactive digital document? Then Scribus is just for you.

It is a desktop publishing  software (DTP), helping you creating numerous oustanding documents such as leaflets or magazines. On top of its easiness, it enables professional documents ready to print or send to a printer to have copies of quality in a professional format respecting the CMYK color model.

Create great documents layout
If your activity demands the replication of the same type of documents such as regular news reports, the use of mocks will help you in saving some time. The available instruction makes easy how to learn the software functionnalities, it will be as well helpful for an in depth use and will enable you to improve your handling.
And if you are not a talented graphist, then use the numerous downloading version available on Internet.
To be sure of your choice relevancy, Scribus is using a specific view way. As an example, you can check that your document will be accessible to people suffering from a vision deficiency such as daltonism.

To download the software, click here or on the logo


Download Magic Scribus

informations about free software licenses, their uses, access to source code … click here

Scribus Video Tutorial!
Part 1: Basic Introduction and Setting Preferences

Part 2: Creating a Simple Poster

Part 3: Text around an image 1/2

Part 4: Text around an image 2/2

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