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Write a text or a letter with Writer


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Writer is the word processor software of
OpenOffice proposes you a word processor with OOwriter. is a complete Office software solution with different independant use according to the module: word processor with Writer, spreadsheet with Calc (Available in “Office”), presentation with Impress (Available in “Office),picture…
OOo writer word processor is a software dedicated to different type of texts such as mails or reports. For this purpose it has many functionnalities which explain its success among many people.
The essential in a click
Thus, you can enjoy multiple functionnalities such as including pictures to enliven an email; or tables to complete a report. Links to Internet pages or cross-linking are very important, that is the reason why modern word processors make this easy and feasible in one single click.
Writer files can be exported on different formats, to make your file secure (through PDF) in order to send it as an attached file by email, for instance, or make it available on a Web page (HTML) on an Internet site.

Beyond these common functionnalities to all word processors, Open Ofice Writer has advanced functionnalities for a complete use. Thus, you can create your files layout by defining your style, or by connecting to a database in order to automatically create customised mails.

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