Internet offers you many opportunities : take advantage of all of them with our free software selection. If Internet is for you a complex tool or if you are passionate about it, you will find what you look for in this section. Internet and its possibilities are now available to everyone : create an Internet page, a website, browse, be safe, receive one’s email, chat online…

Discover Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, Filezilla, and many others… Download these free software for free and be ready to fully enjoy Internet !

Making pages on Internet: KompoZer

KompoZer is an editor to create Web pages by working directly on the final result. KompoZer is a complete solution for creating and managing web sites. It combines a remote file management, and a Web page editor that allows you to work directly on the final description. In other words, editing the website is available without any technical knowledge: you insert text and images of your choice, this way the ...

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Share files with friends: Vuze

Vuze is a client for the BitTorrent peer protocol: your best partner to share files. The Internet is primarily a network for exchange and sharing: the success of open source software is a daily proof. Customers enjoy sharing their software, discover their favorite music or invite others to read a particular book. And for fun, many software creators offer their work under licenses that allow sharing in the ...

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Follow the latest news websites: RSSOwl

The feed reader RSSOwl is the ideal tool to monitor the Internet news more effectively. Do you see every day, and year-round the same websites while searching for daily news? Are you tired of surfing the same websites without missing any? So RSSOwl is for you. RSSOwl is a reader of flow information in the Internet that uses the principle of RSS feeds. This technology allows to broadcast informationfrom a ...

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Making a website: Spip & FileZilla

Free tools to build Web sites among the most used. Here are two of the most used : Spip and FileZilla Implementing and maintaining a website generally require specific operations. First of all, you need a server to ensure the availability of the site. This web hosting can be provided  from a professional, an association such as L’Autre Net (  or from home. Then, there is the question of the ...

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Get my emails: Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email reader developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The free software Thunderbird is an email client published by the Mozilla Foundation. Powerful and practical, it is the essential tool for managing your emails, but  that is not all: Thunderbird is a very good news reader (Usenet and RSS) to stay in touch with updated daily news. Like its Firefox brother, Thunderbird has many ...

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Surfing the net: Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation: a quality internet surfing tool. The Firefox Web browser, was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is reliable, effective and changes your vision of the Internet. Thanks to the most innovative features, you will be at the forefront of technology and comfort in the Internet. Firefox has dozens of convenient features with impressive ...

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Chatting on the Internet : Pidgin

Pidgin is a free software multiprotocol instant messaging client, cross-platform. Since its inception, Internet allows instant conversations. They can occur either as peer to peer conversation (texting), or can be distributed as a conversation between several people in virtual dedicated lounges. For this, there are a whole bunch of different networks in the Internet. Unfortunately, they are not compatible ...

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What alternatives for Internet Explorer 6 ?

Internet and particularly the web are now part of your everyday life, nevertheless to fully use these services, you need a browser. The different browsers offer to users similar services, although they all differ in different points. However, there is one browser you must avoid... Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 from now on) launched the 27th of august 2001 was proposed by Microsoft. The browser is initially ...

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