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There is no age limit to learn, discover educational free software adapted to the youngest but not only… The PC has become a daily life item, use it advisedly and make it useful for your children, whatever their age : GCompris, Tux Paint, Celestia. Get a travel through the galaxy, learn geometry or simply make a drawing.

Learn and play at the same time, and go discover !

Travel in the space: Celestia

Celestia is a spatial simulator allowing to observe the space in 3D with a photographic realism. Celestia is a spatial simulator, that is to say a virtual browser enabling to discover the space. While traditional planetarium border you on Earth's surface, Celestia gives you the opportunity to observe thousands items, within the solar system or beyond the galaxy. The aim is to move on 3D as if you were in ...

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Do your Geometry: CaRMetal

CaRMetal is a Geometry software which enables to manage dynamically geometrical objects. CaRMetal is an Euclidian Geometry software which can be runned on your desktop or from an Internet browser such as Firefox. Designed for teaching, it enables to draw plane figures and offers various tools for designing many objects with "a ruler & a compass " in a intuitive way, for example to draw a segment ...

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Draw from the computer: Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a drawing software fitted with tools adapted to children use. Very easy to take in hand and to use, Tux Paint gives free rein imagination by allowing children (even the youngest) to draw from a computer. Tux, the famous mascot, always present at the bottom of the screen, takes care to guide children and to explain them all available options to create the most beautiful drawings. They can invent ...

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Playful exercises for children: Gcompris

GCompris is an multi-activities educational software, covering various learning domains. GCompris proposes educational activities for children from two to ten in different domains, from computer initiation to playful activities such as  Geometry and Reading. Activities are gathered by themes and ranked by levels of difficulty, consequently GCompris enables to propose different activities to targeted ...

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