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CAF Orange Super Cup – LIVE: Al Ahly vs CSS (3 – 2) Full Time


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Watch the game between the Egyptian giant Al Ahly vs CSS, the Tunisian team when they meet for the CAF Orange Super Cup game this Thursday, February 20th at 5PM GMT.

Al Ahly is the African Orange Champions League  Winner, and the Sfaxien is the Orange CAF Confederations Cup winner.

This game is a deja-vu in the year 2006 when Al Ahly won 2 – 1 in Cairo stadium socred by Flavio and Mamadou.


This is a preview of the previous Super Cup between the two teams


Al Ahly : Ekramy – Fathy, Naguib, Gomaa, Moawad – Shehab, Rabia, Ashour – Abdalla – Gamal, Gedo.

CS Sfaxien : Jridi – Boulaabi, Chatbri, Ben Salah, Mâaloul – Kammoun, Sassi,, Moncer – Ben Youssef, Hannachi, Kouyaté.


90′+6 HERE WE GO!!! Congratulations for Al Ahly, the referee gives the final whistle with a score of 3 – 2 for Al Ahly. They win the Super Cup.

90′+5 The CSS is applying a tremendous pressure, without converting any opportunity to a goal

90′+2 we’re playing the additional time, Al Ahly is closer than ever to winning the Super Cup, only the referee’s whistle is missing

90′+2 Ben Saleh wastes an incredible scoring opportunity, the ball of the game lost!!

90′ The Tunisian club is applying a heavy pressure, but without reaching the net

85′ All CSS players are attacking, while the whole team of Al Ahly is playing at the back, trying to protect their lead.

81′ The Sfaxiens look like they are struggling physically,  they can’t keep up with the pace of the game.

77′ GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL for Fakhreddine Ben Youssef, he controls the ball with his right foot, and shoots with the left foot. Amazing goaaaal from the Tunisian.

75′ teams are exchanging attacks, having a very slow rythme.

70′ we’ve seen a lot of action so far, the CSS seemed to have their moral down, but at leas they are trying

68′ GOAAAAAAAAAAAAALL for Al Ahly, Gamal scores another goal!!! nice header

63′ Gooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal for CSS, Maaloul makes it 2 – 1

62′ Penalty given for the Tunisian Club!!!


53′ Al Ahly gets a free kick.

52′ It seems that CSS is more dangerous, but they are wasting a lot of opportunities

47′ both teams are exchanging attacks, they are both able to score a goal at any time in this game

45′ The referee gives the signal to start the second half


45′+2 The Referee gives the half-time whistle. see you in few minutes when the game resumes.

45′ Freekick given to the CSS, played poorly as it hits the wall

42′ an outstanding chance for the Sfaxien with a nice cross from the right flank, the CSS forward recieved the ball and passed it to his teammate with a header, but the keeper saved it. the keeper threw the ball for a counter but it was intercepted, crossed again and Ekramy, the egyptian keeper saves it again.

36′ Fakhr Eddine Ben Youssef penetrates from the left flank and his cross was just too strong and his teammate didn’t reach it.

33′ Al Ahly wins a corner, Ahmed Fathy crosses but the defence clears it

32′ Al Ahly fans are having some pieces of joy at the moment, they seem extastic and they didn’t stop singing for 10 mins now. amazing atmosphere here at Cairo Stadium

27′ Mohamed Ali’s shot has passed just inches away the post

27′ a yellow card given to Gamal after a taugh challenge

25′ the Sfaxien reaction is very quick, a nice and quick counter attack from the right side that ends between the hands of the keeper. the Sfaxiens are out of their zone.

23′ GOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL For Al Ahly, Gedo connects with a pinpoint cross from Ahmed Fathy, he controls it and he places it into the right post of the keeper. amazing action.

22′ The Egyptian side is having most of the ball possession, but without a remarkable opportunity to score

20′ nice ball exchange between Al Ahly players the fans react positively to the action, but the action leads to nowhere and the ball is intercepted

17′ a corner kick for Al Ahly perfectly played and brilliantly saved by the defence, the ball goes back to Ahmed Fathy, he shoots but the Tunisian defense gets it again.

15′ The Egyptian side Al Ahly is more dangerous so far, they are multiplying attacks with Gedo being the main Dangerman

12′ The Egyptian side went in a nice opportunity through the middle, but their shot was stopped by the defence

10′ both teams show that they are determined to win, and they are giving their best on the pitch

9′ Fakhr Eddine Ben Youssef took the ball from a counter and run through Al Ahly’s defence, he got passed two players and crossed the ball but no one was there to follow

5′ both teams are creating opportunities, they didn’t wait a lot by threatening each other. it is a good start of the game

0′ The referee gives the signal to kick off, and here we are at Cairo Stadium with these two teams, the winner of the Champions League, Al Ahly, against CSS the winner of the CAF Confederations Cup.


11:00 AM GMT:  The fans started invading Cairo stadium



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