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CHAN 2014: Timeline of events


CHAN will start 11th January 2014 -

On this article, you will find updated news of the CHAN 2014 organized in South Africa. Live scores, Live Matches, Teams and schedules, lineup.

Thursday, January 30th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014 – Live: Ghana vs Libya (Final)

CHAN Orange 2014 – Live: Nigeria vs Zimbabwe (3rd Place)


Wednesday, January 29th 2014

-The clash of the titans, Nigeria faces Ghana in the semi final of CHAN Orange 2014

-CHAN 2014: Semi-final Zimbabwe vs Libya clash

-The clash of the titans, Nigeria faces Ghana in the semi final of CHAN Orange 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014 – Live: Nigeria vs Ghana 0-0 (Semi Final) 1-4 (penalties)

-Ghana “Unbeaten” since 8 years against Nigeria

-The Knights beat The Warriors and go to the final of the CHAN Orange 2014

-Ghana to CHAN final


Tuesday, January 28th 2014

-CHAN 2014: Mali vs Zimbabwe 1-2 photo album

-CHAN 2014: Ghana vs DR Congo 1-0 photo album

-CHAN 2014: Libya vs Gabon 4-2 (penalties) photo album


Monday, January 27th 2014

-Candidacies for the hosting of the CHAN 2018 and 2020


Sunday, January 26th 2014

Ghana‘s local Black Stars take on Congo DR

Gabon and Libya clash


Saturday, January 25th 2014

2014 CHAN quarter-finals: Zimbabwe Warriors face mali

The big match: Nigeria-Morocco

3.2 Million dollars prize money for 2014 Orange CHAN


Friday, January 24th 2014

-Nigeria’s Ejike to StarAfrica reporters: “For now no offers have tabled grand”


Thursday, January 23rd 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014: The Teams that made it to the Quarters with full schedule

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Gabon vs Libya (Quarter Final)

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Ghana vs DR Congo (Quarter Final )

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Mali vs Zimbabwe (Quarter Final)

-CHAN Orange 2014 – Live: Nigeria vs Morocco (Quarter Final)


Wednesday, January 22nd 2014

-CHAN 2014: Group D- Experienced DR Congo pass to the quarters

-CHAN 2014: Group D- Gabon to the quarter-finals

-CHAN 2014: Burkina Faso – Zimbabwe 0-1 photo album

-CHAN Orange 2014: Morocco Training Photo Album

-CHAN Orange 2014: Man of the Match photo album

-CHAN Orange 2014 Group D : qualification possibilities

-CHAN Orange 2014 Group D : Will Burundi create the surprise?

-CHAN Orange 2014 Group D: Gabon faces Mauritania for the qualifier

-CHAN 2014: Group D- Burundi faces RD Congo for the qualification


Tuesday, January 21st 2014

 -CHAN Orange 2014: Group C fixture 3 resume

-CHAN 2014: Fetori super goal sneaks Libya to the quarters in last minute (Video)

-CHAN 2014: Libya in the quarters after dramatic match

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group C – Ghana vs Ethiopia Post Match preview

 -CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Ethiopia vs Ghana ( Groupe C ) (0 -1) Full time

-CHAN Orange 2014 Group C: Qualification Possibilities for each team

-A strange Referee decision during Morocco – Uganda match !

-CHAN 2014: Group C Morocco 3 – Uganda 1 Photo Album

-CHAN Orange 2014 Group C : Prematch Preview

-CHAN 2014: Group C Congo and Libya for the qualification ticket


Monday, January 20th 2014

-CHAN 2014: Zimbabwe made it to the quarter finals

-CHAN 2014: Morocco to the quarter finals

-CHAN 2014: Group B Burkina Faso faces Zimbabwe for the qualification

-CHAN 2014: Group B Morocco-Uganda clash

-CHAN: Igesund: Nigeria deserved their victory!


Sunday, January 19th 2014

-CHAN 2014: Group A- Nigeria’s Ejike ended Bafana dream

-CHAN 2014: Group A Mali made it to the last 8

-CHAN 2014: Bafana Captain Khune to miss Nigeria clash

-CHAN 2014 : Selemani super goal !

-CHAN 2014: Group A- Mali to face Mozambique for the qualification ticket

-CHAN 2014: Group A-the big match: Nigeria vs South Africa


Saturday, January 18th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group D – Burundi and Mauritania play their chances

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group C – Ethiopia out

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group D – Prematch Preview

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group D – DR Congo for the qualifier

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group C match day 2 review


Friday, January 17th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014: Ghana and Libya at 1 point away from qualifying to the quarters

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Ghana – Libya (1 – 1) Full-Time

 -CHAN Orange 2014: Group C – Ethiopia and Congo for a chance to stay in the competition

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group C – Ghana and Libya for a ticket to the quarters

-CHAN Orange 2014: DR Congo (1 – 0) Mauritania photo album

 -CHAN Orange 2014: Gabon (0 – 0) Burundi photo album

-CHAN Orange 2014: Ghana (1 – 0) Congo photo album

-CHAN Orange 2014: Libya (2 – 0) Ethiopia photo album


Thursday, January 16th 2014

-CHAN 2014: Group B Morocco vs Burkina Faso: Frustration took over !

-CHAN 2014: Group B Uganda is a step away from the qualification !

-CHAN 2014: Group B Burkina Faso vs Morocco for a must win !

-CHAN 2014: Group B Zimbabwe Uganda collide


Wednesday, January 15th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014: Group A day 2 Resume – Mozambique OUT, Nigeria still in the competition

-CHAN: Video KING KHAN! Goal of the tournament!!!

-CHAN Orange 2014: Mozambique vs Nigeria, post-game preview

-CHAN 2014 : Bafana and Mali face off ended in a tie 

-CHAN Orange 2014: Photo Album Uganda vs Burkina Faso

-CHAN Orange 2014: Photo Album Morocco vs Zimbabwe

-CHAN Orange 2014: fixture 1 resume

 -Orange CHAN 2014: Photo Album – Mali vs Nigeria (2-1)

-Orange CHAN 2014: Photo Album – South Africa vs Mozambique (3-1)

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Ghana – Libya ( Groupe C )

-CHAN Orange 2014 – Group A: Nigeria and Mozambique for a chance to stay in competition

-CHAN 2014: Bafana coach not worried

-CHAN 2014: Bafana Bafana and Mali for the qualification ticket

-CHAN 2014: RD Congo to confirm against Mauritania (Group D)

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: South Africa – Mali 1-1( Groupe A )


Tueday, January 14th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014: Gabon drew against Burundi

-CAF: FIFA recognized CHAN, a victory for Hayatou

-CHAN Orange 2014: Mauritania-DR Congo 0-1 experience made the difference

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Nigeria – Mozambique ( Groupe A )

-CHAN 2014: Group D teams and shedule

-CHAN 2014: Burkina Faso team

-CHAN 2014: Zimbabwe Warriors squad


Monday, January 13th 2014

-Ghana vs Congo LIVE 

-CHAN 2014 Stars: Kader Bidimbou (Congo)

-Group C: Teams & Schedule

-Ghana vs Congo: Pre-game preview

-Libya vs Ethiopia: Pre-game preview

-Gabon under the scoop

-Libya under the scoop

-Ghana vs Congo: Post-game preview

-Libya vs Ethiopia: Post-game preview


Sunday, January 12th 2014

-Group B: Teams & Schedule 

-Zimbabwe vs Morocco: pre-game preview

-Burundi under the scoop

-Videos of goals of day 1 (Mozambique vs South Africa / Mali vs Nigeria)

-Uganda vs Burkina Faso: Pre-game preview

-Mauritania squad under the scoop

-DR Congo under the scoop

-Morocco Zimbabwe: Post-game preview

-CHAN 2014 Stars: Mouhcine Lajour (Morocco)

-Uganda vs Burkina Faso: Post-game preview


Saturday, January 11th 2014

-CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Mali vs Nigeria

-Retro CHAN: 2011 edition

-Group A: Teams and Schedule

-Mozambique under the scoop

-South Africa under the scoop

-Poll: Who will win the title of the CHAN 2014?

-South Africa vs Mozambique: post-game preview

-Clash of the Eagles (Nigeria vs Mali) Post-game preview


Friday, January 10th 2014

-Morocco under the scoop: The Lions of Atlas 

-CHAN Orange 2014 stars: Frank Enganga Obame

-CHAN Orange 2014 Stars: Siphiwe Tsahabalala


Thursday, January 9th 2014

-Ghana under the scoop

-Ethiopia under the scoop

-Retro CHAN: 2009 edition

-Congo under the scoop

-CHAN 2014 Stars: Mohamed Al Ghannoudi (Libya)

-CHAN 2014 Stars: Jordan Opoku (Ghana)

-Uganda under the scoop: The comeback


Wednesday, January 8th 2014

-Five teams arrive to South Africa


 Monday, January 6th 2014

-Ghana – Mauritania warm up for the CHAN Orange 2014


Saturday, January 4th 2014

Uganda’s 23 Revealed

Mali squad announced

South African squad revealed

South Africa without Orlando Pirates’ players

Zimbabwe  squad unveiled

- Mauritanian list of 23

Brundi Squad announced

Ethiopian Squad revealed

Gabon Squad unveiled

Mozambique Team Revealed


Friday, January 3rd 2014:

The Moroccan Squad Revealed

The DR Congo Squad Revealed

Nigeria’s Sunday Mba Misses the Chan

-Nigerian Squad for the CHAN Announced

Thursday, January 2nd 2014:

- Ghana 23 local Black Stars for the CHAN Orange 2014



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