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CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Nigeria vs South Africa 3-1 ( Groupe A )

South Africa nigeria chan 2014 January 19

South Africa nigeria chan 2014 January 19 - Copyright : South Africa nigeria chan 2014 January 19

Don’t miss the CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Nigeria vs South Africa ( Groupe A ), and  follow the Live match, but also live score between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Bafana Bafana this Sunday, 19th of January, starting 17h00 GMT, on our website.
The teams play in Group A of the Orange African Nations Championship, ( CHAN Orange ) SOUTH AFRICA 2014. The game willl take place at Cape Town Stadium.

94′:The referee signals the end of the match and with it the end of Bafana adventure in the CHAN competition
94′:Parker’s shot hits the defender
93′:Bafana players look frustrated
91′:How did he miss that, Chapmin missed the goal, he was one on one with the keeper
90′:4 minutes have been added on from the referee
90′:Deflacted shot from Chapmin, he wins a corner
88′:What a save from Nigerian keeper,he shows great reflex clearing Parker left foot shot to the corner
86′:Emenger in Ede out
86′:Another deflacted shot saved by Nigeria goal keeper
84′:A long ranger from Parker defalcted away from the defence
83′:Nigeria is threatening again from the left side but Bafana defence is well placed
81′:GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL , Parker gives his team some hope after scoring the penalty
80′:Penalty for South Africa after great solo efforts from Parker
79′:Salami out Ucheh in
78′:Another yellow card for Shehu this time
77′:Mere recieves a red card and now it’s 10 against 10
77′:Chapmin in Langerman out
76′:Mbata wins a corner from the right side
74′:Red card for Kwambe after his second yellow card
73′:Free kick for Nigeria but Salami lost the ball after a poor controle
71′:What a volley shot from Ejike but it hits the cross bar
70′:Tchabalala’s shot is diflacted and he wins a corner
68′:Nigerian keeper almost costs his team a goal after poorly cleared cross , the defence is there
66′:Omar in Obanor out, 1st change for Nigeria
64′:GOOOOOAAAAL for Nigeria, Ejike kills the match with his left foot shot
63′:Another cross finds the Nigerian goalkeeper’s hands
61′:Absolutly brilliant shot from Machego but the keeper does the impossible and puts the ball into the corner
60′:Parker acrobatic attempt is saved by the keeper
58′:Another wasted effort from Tchabalala from the right side after his cross is cleared by the defence
56′:Right side attack by Bafana, Nigeria defence is well placed
55′:Nigerian goalkeeper wins a fault after Tchabalala’s cross
53′:Ede is a nightmare for Bafana defence with his left side penetration
51′:Nigerian striker Ede is one on one with the keeper but the keeper saves tha ball
50′:Agbim recieves a yellow card
49′:Free kick for Bafana but the cross is cleared
49′:Bafana is employing long balls into Nigeria defence
47′:Nigeria defence clears the danger
46′:South Africa are pushing for the equaliser and win a corner
45′:The referee wistle kicks off the second half of the highly anticipated match at Cape Town Stadium

48′:The algerian referee ends the first half of the match:Nigeria 2 South Africa 0
47′:Ede’s shot takes a deflaction and Nigeria wins a corner
47′:3 minutes for stoppage time
46′:Great opportunity for Bafana but Tchabalala’s shot is millimeteres over the net
45′:Nigeria players are now trying to defend their lead
44′:Nigeria defence anticipated Tchabalala’s cross
43′:Nigeria remains on the attack winning another corner
43′:The defence clear the ball to the corner
42′:Dangerous free kick for Nigeria and a yellow card for Mere
40′:A heavy challenge from Parker the referee wants to have words with him
38′:Salami uses his great pace to penetrate South African defence but the goal keeper cleared the ball before him
37′:Another free kick for Bafana but Tchabalala’s shot hits the wall
36′:Tchabalala’s free kick cleared by the defence
35′:Machego in Pattison out: an early change for Bafana
34′:Parker almost scored but the keeper cleared his header to the corner
34′:Pattison goes down but referee says play on
32′:Goooaaal, Ede doubles the score from the penalty spot
30′:Free kick for super eagles, the goalkeeper mistake costs his team a penalty
27′:Another Nigerian counter on the right side but Bafana defence is there at the last moment
26′:Bafana still has the possession but Nigeria is more dangerous with their quick counters
25′:Parker finds him self on the offside after a great pass from Tchabalala
22′:Nigeria are now top of the group with 6 points
22′:Ejike put him self in a great position and convert the cross into a Goal
20′:Good delivery from Tchabalala but the keeper stops Parker’s header
19′:Free kick for South Africa on the left side
18′:Bafana are still pushing on ,Salami long ranger finds the goalkeeper
15′:Now Bafana are trying to find a gap in Nigeria defence employing quick passes in the opposite side half
14′:Tchabalala deliveres a wonderfull pass to Pattison but his shot doesen’t bother the keeper
13′:Left side free kick for the super eagles
11′:Corner for Nigeria but Bafana defence clear the ball
10′:South Africa players are keeping the possession in their half
8′:Lovely team play from Nigeria and they win a corner on the left side
7′:Great shot from Tchabalala but the keeper clears the ball
6′:Free kick for Bafana on the right side, looks dangerous
4′:Quick counter from Bafana but Parker’s shot is easy for the keeper
2′:Nigeria are pushing forward on the right side, Bafana defence is well placed
1′:Tchabalala quick on his feet on the left side but his cross finds goalkeeper’s hands
1′:Algerian referee kicks off the match.
A minute of silence out of respect to Nelson Mandela spirit.
47000 supporters have come to watch the game and support their team.
The big game will soon kick off as both teams are now entering the field.
The Cape Town Stadium is almost full, Bafana supporters are creating great atmosphere.

South Africa line-up:

1-Moeneeb Josephs, 4-Benett Nthethe(c),5-Tebogo Langerman, 8-Siphiwe Tshabalala, 10-Sibusiso Vilakasi, 11-Vuyo Mere, 13-Lindokuhle Mbatha, 14-Hlompho Kekana, 15-Matthew Pattison, 17-Bernard Parker, 21-Tefu Mashamaite.

Nigeria line-up:

1-Chigozie Agbim(c), 2-Solomon Kwambe, 6-Azubuike Egwuekwe, 5-Kunle Odunlami, 8-Rabiu Ali, 19-Abdullahi Shehu, 20-Ifeanyi Ede, 9-Gbolahan Salami, 23-Erhun Obanor, 7-Christantus Ejike.

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