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Côte D’Ivoire: Gervinho crowned squad-number 10 heir


The ceremonial took place at Félix Houphouët Boigny stadiumin (Abidjan) opposing the 1992 squad, which won the lone Ivorian African cup of nations (AFCON) title, to the friends of Ben Badi. It was in the second half that Gervinho took to the pitch with the friends of Ben Badi. The duo Gervinho-Ben Badi was quite perfect: Gervinho had the speed and energy of youth while his senior Ben Badi had the experience and precision that comes with age. The strength of the attacking due was also revealed in the final scores, 7-2 in favour of Ben Badi’s friends. After the final whistle Ben Badi in a solemn ceremony officially handed over the squad number 10 to Gervinho thereby making Gervinho his heir. “I thank you all for haven loved and supported me. I had a wonderful experience with the national team in 1992 in Senegal. Today I officially say goodbye to football and I hereby ‘hand over’ my jersey to Gervinho. Henceforth he is the owner of the squad number 10 of the Elephants of Côte D’Ivoire and in 2013 we shall win our second AFCON title.” Ben Badi declared. After the squad-number-handover ceremony, the heir and the predecessor gave a round of honor to thank the fans who came all over the country to bid Ben Badi farewell.  

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