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Fabrice Muamba, a star is born


Last Sunday at Santiago Bernabeau , Real Madrid’s home ground, one could read on the jerseys of Merengue players “Get Well soon Muamba”, before their match against Malaga.

Since Saturday March 17, the football word is paying homage to the young Bolton player who suffered a heart attack in the course of their Cup game against Tottenham.

The world is holding back and waiting… Today, the player is in a London hospital.


The London Chest Hospital

The hospital has confirmed that Muamba remains « in a critical condition » though he is showing signs of recovery as days go by: he can now breathe independently, shake his legs and hands is reported to have uttered some words. “Where is Josh (his son)?”This are reported to be his first words.

Though he was « dead for 78 minutes » there are still hopes … The club’s doctor, Jonathan Tobin says : «  I am happy to see that there are continuous signs of recovery. I visited Fabrice and he told me: ‘Hello Doc!’ and asked me what had happened to him. I narrated the story to him (…)”. Doctor visited Fabrice Muamba after he was able to get up and Fabrice was even in the mood to crack a joke. The doctor murmured in his ears “what is your name?” and Fabrice replied “Muamba”. Doctor Deaner then said: “I know you are a very good player”. Muamba replied “I am trying my best”.


Let’s take a look back at where the 23-year old’s profile.


Born in Kinshasa in 1988, he fled from the war-torn DR Congo (at that time Zaire) at the age of 11 with his father to England. There, he discovered playing football and his talent immediately caught the eye as he was immediately enrolled into the

Arsenal academy in London. His career as a professional footballer kicked off in 2006 when Arsenal loaned him out to Birmingham City. He played almost a complete season as he appeared 38 times for the Blues as a midfielder.


He completely switched from a « Gunner » to a « Blue » in the 2007-2008 season when Birmingham completed his move from Arsenal. During this season, he played 37 matches and scored two goals as he became a familiar face at St Andrews though he did not succeed to maintain the Club’s top flight status in the Premier League.

Conscious of the fact that he could not have a brilliant career while playing in the Championship, Fabrice Muamba decided to leave the club and Birmingham sold the player to Bolton for five million pounds.

After four seasons, he has played 129 matches and scored three goals. He is one of the key figures in the Bolton Wanderers squad with twenty matches in all competitions so far. The fact that he has been handed several call-ups with the England youth teams shows he is a prospect for the future.


In 2009, Muamba was part of the England squad that finished runners-up at the European youth Championships in Sweden losing four nil at the finals to Germany.


At 23, one would have been seeking to know which of the countries Fabrice Muamba will represent at the senior international level (England or DR Congo?) but the question rather asked now is if he will ever play football again.

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