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CHAN Orange 2014 – LIVE: Morocco vs Uganda 3-1 ( Groupe B )


Morocco -

LIVE – CHAN Orange 2014: Morocco vs Uganda You can follow the LIVE of the game between Morocco and theUganda this Monday, 20th of January, starting 17h00 GMT, on our website.
The teams play in Group C of the Orange African Nations Championship, SOUTH AFRICA 2014. The game willl take place at Cape Town Stadium

Follow the live of the game between Morocco and Nigeria from HERE, Live score, Live text, Live match.

94′:The referee announces the end of the match
93′:GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL ,El Aouadi kills the match with the 3rd goal after a quick counter
90′:4 minutes added by the referee
90′:Great solo effortts from Iajour let down by the finish
89′:Wadada’s cross cleared away
87′:Kabuga’s free kick not too heigh
86′:Uganda wins a dangerous free kick not too far from Morocco’s box
85′:Olaki’s shot is over the cross bar
83′:Iajour finds himself one on one with the keeper but the keeper saved his shot
81′:Uganda is now pushing for the equaliser again
80′:Muheme’s delivery cleared by Abarhoun
77′:GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL Iajour fires a shot and leaves the keeper with no chance to save the ball
75′:Great chance by EL Aouadi but his shot is straight at the keeper’s hands
73′:Morocco is keeping the possession but with no effect on Uganda defence
70′:Uganda is dangerous now and Muleme’s header finds Lamyaghri
68′:Muleme held back by Morocco defender
67′:Hadran replaces Rafik the first goal scorer for Morocco
65′:The dangerous Iajour in El Bahri out
65′:Morroco is keeping the ball in the center
63′:Uganda wins a free kick in the center and a yelloow card for Karrouchy
62′:Now Morocco are pushing for a second goal
61′:Olaki in Waswa out
60′:GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL,Sentamu grabs the equaliser after finding a gap in Morocco defence
58′:Morocco are keeping the possession now
55′:Now the possession is held by Uganda, Wadada wins a corner after his deflacted cross
54′:Moutouali’s shot from a tight angel is way over
53′:Uganda players are now trying some long passes
51′:Morocco is keeping the ball in the center
49′:Wadada’s delivery is cleared by the defence
48′:Uganda is pushing for the equaliser
46′:Muleme’s shot is easy for the keeper
45′:The referee kicks off the second half
Wadada in Mtambi out

47′:The referee’s wistle signals the end of the first half
45′:2 minutes have been added on
44′:Chance for Uganda but the striker Sentamu didn’t control the long ball
43′:Great chance for Morocco but Rafik shot isn’t strong enough
41′:Ntege anticipated Moutouali’s long pass
40′:Ntambi long rage shot is way aside
38′:Uganda is pushing for the equaliser
37′:Free kick for Uganda deflacted away
34′:The referee stops the match to treat Moroccan player who seemed to be injured
32′:Corner from Uganda and a top class save from Lamyaghri, he denied Uganda a clear goal
30′:Quick counter from Uganda but the cross is way over
29′:GOOOOOOOAAAAAAl,Rafik converted El Ouadi’s cross into a goal
27′:Ntege anticipated Elhachimi cross
26′:The free kick finds the goal keeper for the cath
25′:Brilliant run from El Ouadi on the left side and he wins a free kick
24′:Dangerous free kick for Uganda straight at the keeper’s hands
22′:Erraki long ranger is way over the cross bar
21′:El Bahri wins a free kick on the right side
20′:Morocco’s possession is not productive
18′:5th corner to Morocco straight at the keeper’s hands
17′:Now it’s a counter from Uganda but Fatah anticipated the shot
16′:Morocco wins a corner after right side penetration,Uganda defence clears the ball
15′:Morocco has the possession and looking to find a gap in Uganda defence
13′:Fatah wins a free kick in his half
12′:Kasaga’s cross finds Morocco defence
11′:Morocco is keeping the ball in the center
9′:Moutouali’s speed is a nightmare for Uganda on the right side
7′:Corner for Uganada after a quick counter but the defence clears the ball
6′:Great pass from Sentamu but Lamyaghri recover the ball
3′:Uganda’s long balls are easly met by Morocco defence
2′:Quick counter from Rafik and he wins a courner
1′:Morocco are pushing for an early goal
0′:The referee kicks off the match
Morocco line up:

Nadir Lamyaghri, Zakaria El Hachimi – Mohamed Aberhoun – Mohamed Oulhaj – Adil Karrouchy, Said Fettah – Brahim El Bahri – Rafik Abdessamad – Issam Erraki – Mouhcine Moutouali, Abdelkabir El Ouady

Uganda line up:

Benjamin Ochan – Julius Ntambi – Savio Kabugo – Richard Kasagga – Issaac Mulame – Vincent Kayezzi – Ivan Ntegue – Hassan Waswa – Brian Majwega – Yunus Sentamu – Denis Uguma

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