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Adebayor to carry on for Togo


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Togolese international, Emmanuel Adebayor , has nullified rumours that he will end his international career after their elimination from the Orange African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2013.

“I have always said that so long as Togo is well organized I am always going to be there. …If I have from time to time suspended my international career it is because of the numerous problem within the federation.” Adebayor said.

At the break of Togo’s first ever quarterfinal at an AFCON, Emmanuel Adebayor, who had suspended his international career till few days to the Cup, said he has garnered the experience and the squad needed to win the title.

“You all saw that I gave my best [during this AFCON] I spoke in the dressing room; I am a leader; I am a captain… and now I know that there are many people who respect me in the team and that is good for me.

“My international career cannot end here. I have just finished an AFCON quarterfinal which is a great thing for me and now I have the quality, the “assets” and I have players behind me to win the semifinal and the final [of an AFCON].

“…. Everybody has seen what we can do, the president has seen it and the supporters too have seen it. It is now left for them to provide the necessary facilities for us to prepare better”

Emmanuel Adebayor made a lot of news prior to the Orange African Cup of (AFCON) when he suspended his international career in protest to what he called the poor organization within the Togolese football federation. He finally changed his mind when the president of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé, personally besieged him to join the Sparrow Hawks on their way to South Africa 2013.

This was the second time Adebayor suspended his international career as a means to get his voice heard.  After an arm attack on the Togolese bus on their way to 2010 Angola AFCON, Adebayor had suspended his career in protest to the way the Confederation of African Football (CAF) managed the crisis.

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