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Samuel Etoo to open a soccer Academy in Kenya


The Aznhi Machakakala forward who is the highest paid footballer in terms of salary made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon after grazing the finals of the Laikipia Unity tournament at the Nanyuki Municipal Stadium.

Eto’o has been ambassador of the tournament for the past two years and he says the new development is part of his gift back to the community.

“I am an African and I feel at home anywhere I go to in Africa. We want to build future stars from this academy, people who are going to be better than Eto’o, Essien or Mariga. We hope to impact on their lives positively not only in football but also in educating them”, Eto’o said in Laikipia.

“We want to create more opportunities to these young people and ensure that they develop their talents”, he adds.

On whether the same route should be followed by all African players, Eto’o says;

“I am an individual and I have chosen what to do. As for the others, they are all adults and I can not tell them what to do or not to do with their money. It is up to them to make that decision”, he says.

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