Job seekers: top 4 tips for a job/career fair! (2/2)

Questions :Classics: You will most likely have to present yourself in 2-3 minutes. Focus on your career, your skills and your project. During the interview avoid negative remarks, especially on your private life; be positive and show how you pulled yourself out of bad situations.Bounce back whenever you’re caught off guard. For example, if you’re not familiar with a certain technique, put forward your ...

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Job seekers: top 4 tips for a job/career fair! (1/2)

Dear candidates,Congratulations!You are about to meet professionals in search of your talent. The time has come for you to express your desire to embark on a rewarding career adventure.However, as you can imagine, you’re not the only one trying to take advantage of this opportunity!AffutJob has thought of you and offers some tips and tricks so that you can give the best possible impression.Preliminary stage: ...

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How to do a good follow-up of your resume?

What will it be, fax, email or mail? Maybe the three to be sure your resume reaches the right hands? One thing is for sure, it is useless to send your resume three times for the same position. The key to ensuring that your resume is in the hands of the recruiter is to do a follow up! Today the best way to send your resume is by email though faxing or mailing remains alternative means. Once you've sent it ...

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How to come up with a winning portfolio?

You are perhaps in Africa, North America or Europe. The rules for job searching are the same: prepare a portfolio and cling hardly to it! Indeed, one must be ready to hear refusals, so not to be discouraged at the beginning for the journey to find a job can be very long. Patience is the first of virtues.Let’s talk about the portfolio, what is it? What is it made of? Your portfolio is simply all the documents ...

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