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MTKIDU Skype Conversation- Round 2

For those of you who still haven’t checked MTKIDU’s Africa Unsigned page, we want to start by explaining that the band is not just about music. One of their unique features is that they combine music together with illustration, design and animation.

In the following discussion MT and KIDU present us with a brief history of South Africa’s illustration and comic book culture. They elaborate on what influence their own comics, their work affiliation to SA, the style comics had and have in SA and how all of that is encompassed in their work.

We feel the urge to inform you that this is an informal discussion between the boys, and alongside the informative and enriching text, the lads are giving us a taste of their South African slang…

[10:19:39 AM] kidu: yo bitch face
[10:41:10 AM] M18J92T: yo stompie breath
[10:41:22 AM] M18J92T: you ready for round two
[10:41:43 AM] kidu: cool
[10:41:55 AM] M18J92T: mtkidu: a brief history of SA illustration and comic book culture
[10:42:16 AM] M18J92T: where to begin?
[10:42:28 AM] M18J92T: bushmen rock paintings?
[10:42:53 AM] kidu: well bittercomix would have to be the start
[10:42:55 AM] M18J92T: voor trekker wood carvings?
[10:43:00 AM] M18J92T: lol
[10:43:07 AM] M18J92T: bitter comixs it is
[10:43:33 AM] M18J92T: please introduce them gov
[10:43:52 AM] kidu: south africa did not have a comic culture until bittercomix
[10:44:10 AM] M18J92T: zapiro?
[10:44:18 AM] kidu: they kind of like jesus
[10:44:31 AM] kidu: ok yeah well first we should define comix and cartoons
[10:44:41 AM] kidu: zapiro is a cartoonist
[10:44:49 AM] M18J92T: then go into political satire]
[10:45:04 AM] M18J92T: hit it boytjie!
[10:45:50 AM] M18J92T: who be the bittercomixs gents?
[10:46:29 AM] kidu: cool well what i really was influenced when it come to comix and illustration was that bittercomix made up its own rules as it went.
[10:46:54 AM] kidu: Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes pretty much invented something pretty new and to some scary
[10:47:37 AM] kidu: they were able to depict sex, violence and all the evils lurking in a post apartheid world
[10:47:41 AM] M18J92T: mirror,mirror on the wall who’s the most racist of them all?!
[10:48:18 AM] kidu: yeah i guess it made people shocked but atleast they began to talk about the issues
[10:49:02 AM] M18J92T: and to a degree deal with them and realise, accountability will set you free
[10:49:31 AM] kidu: the style was also more real than a cartoonish strip and really hit home
[10:50:42 AM] M18J92T: hard like a stiff cock neh….subversive to he core, no beating around the proverbial bush
[10:52:11 AM] kidu: its nice to have role models when your growning up, doing your work. they are good examples… there work ethic and dedication to quality is un matched.
[10:52:39 AM] M18J92T: not forgetting political and social ethics
[10:52:55 AM] kidu: i think bands like us and die antwoord have gained much from their work.
[10:53:45 AM] kidu: and also not being afraid to say “fuck you” when political correctness has run its course.
[10:54:43 AM] kidu: so i would have to say Zapiro is a legend when it comes to satire but bittercomix is god when it comes to subversiveness
[10:55:02 AM] M18J92T: dam skippy boyyo…”cus there aint no black in the rainbow”- that illustration was on the money honey…RIP Eugene Terror!!!
[10:55:41 AM] kidu: ha ha!
[10:57:35 AM] M18J92T: so, what do you think of Conrad and kannemeyer ultimately getting picked up the commercial blue chip fine art institution that is the michael stevenson gallery in cape town?
[10:57:44 AM] kidu: so why doe we use illustration in our work?
[10:59:49 AM] kidu: i think its great!
[10:59:58 AM] kidu: hard work pays off at the end
[11:00:06 AM] M18J92T: amen brother!!!
[11:00:31 AM] M18J92T: we utilise illustration for a few reasons
[11:00:55 AM] M18J92T: one: we enjoy story telling, visual story telling
[11:02:51 AM] M18J92T: 2. we enjoy delving into our history both as the sons of European immigrants to Africa but also as researchers, observers and listeners as it where to local myth and legend, we live in a highly complex but fascinating country and this is what we feed off
[11:03:31 AM] M18J92T: 3. we like reflecting contemporary society and politics
[11:03:46 AM] M18J92T: cus if we dont stand up and say something…who the fuk will!!!
[11:04:15 AM] M18J92T: we are hear to expose you, to reflect upon you both for good and bad
[11:04:42 AM] M18J92T: as balance is what we ultimately want to achieve both creativly and socially
[11:06:07 AM] M18J92T: 4. ignorance and generalising are a virus we wish to eradicate via our passion
[11:06:16 AM] M18J92T: for image and sound
[11:06:22 AM] kidu: well i guess if people wanna see some of our comic work and listen to the music all you have to do is support us on
[11:07:05 AM] kidu: you gonna get free tracks and comics if you come along for the ride with us
[11:07:32 AM] M18J92T: yes kids…read.listen and learn. mtkidu loves you
[11:08:11 AM] M18J92T: so what other inspirations from the SA and world scenes do we have lover?
[11:08:33 AM] M18J92T: gorillaz, fingathing?
[11:08:38 AM] kidu: well i love david shrigley
[11:08:39 AM] M18J92T: love those fukkers!!
[11:09:00 AM] M18J92T: love shigley too!!!
[11:09:23 AM] M18J92T: what a cunt, bless his British cotton socks
[11:09:45 AM] M18J92T: talk to me about fingathing and gorillaz
[11:10:41 AM] kidu: well fingathing started it all for me
[11:10:56 AM] kidu: when they came here and played at carfax they changed my world
[11:11:22 AM] M18J92T: and mine….fukkers
[11:11:27 AM] M18J92T: love em
[11:11:31 AM] kidu: the entire saga with music was mad!
[11:12:00 AM] kidu: it really made me want to do music and tell stories
[11:12:40 AM] kidu: gorillaz kind of cashed in on that genre and set a standard
[11:13:03 AM] kidu: i love Damon Alban what ever he does i love.
[11:14:14 AM] M18J92T: not forgetting jamie hewlett
[11:14:26 AM] M18J92T: chat abit about him
[11:15:05 AM] kidu: well to be honest i dont know much about him loved his work on tank girl
[11:15:52 AM] kidu: also prob one of the most succesfull illustrators ever!
[11:18:24 AM] kidu: lastly i want to mentions Nikhil Singh
[11:18:46 AM] kidu: check his work out he is south african and his shit freaks me out!
[11:18:56 AM] kidu: ok i need to bounce
[11:19:26 AM] M18J92T: just one other band that needs mentioning…on the singh note
[11:19:30 AM] M18J92T: constructus corporation
[11:19:36 AM] M18J92T: some words
[11:19:50 AM] kidu: will let u desicribe it
[11:19:58 AM] M18J92T: and lastly waddy on fantastic kill
[11:23:49 AM] M18J92T: well kids there you have it…kidu is off and i think you should do a lil research for yourself s
[11:25:21 AM] M18J92T: google “constructus corporation”, “fantastic kill” and “beastie boys”…jokes!!! DONT google beastie boys..we made that mistake already.
[11:25:30 AM] M18J92T: LIVE AND LEARN
[11:25:46 AM] M18J92T: MTKIDU
[11:25:58 AM] M18J92T: PS. i think kidu wants to say something?
[11:26:35 AM] M18J92T: last words?
[11:28:54 AM] kidu: [09:05 AM] kidu:

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