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MTKIDU- Twitter Interview


Conversations with MTKIDU are always a good crack, but in this unique Twitter interview we had with the band last week, we managed to learn a bit more about their creative combination of audio, video and animations.

In case you come across Satan’s name during your reading of the interview, please be advised that this has no religious connotation, its only the nickname given by the band to their unfortunately very slow internet connection. So, now that you know, enjoy…

Q1: We wanna welcome @mtkidu for this interview, how are ya?
MTKIDU: We are all good thanks and how ya’ll doing? Bit chilly that side neh :)
Q2: Thanks for pointing that out. Let’s start by who you are and what do you do?”
MTKIDU: We are a emotronic happyhardcore minimalist rap visual band from Johannesburg South Africa… We are visual story tellers who make noise as well.
Q3: Cool, you also involve animation with your music, what is the common ground/ how do you combine the 2 in your works?
MTKIDU: Telling stories in a muti media dynamic has always interested us and utilising flash was a natural progression. Muti media = multi media but we kinda enjoy that miss type…copy right pending.
Q4: Animation. Could one animated piece fit different audio or video’s which you use? And vice versa.
MTKIDU: It could be utilised in that manner but we don’t. We simply utilise it via live projections.
Q5: VJ’s? Often ‘VJ’s’ are, in our opinion, largely underrated in club nights or shows. How do you feel about that? How is this treated in SA?
MTKIDU: It’s similar here but for us it’s integral to our show because it’s all manipulated live and she (Chinxxx- the band’s VJ) is always front and centre with us, not hidden behind her laptop in an obscure corner.
Q6: Manipulated Live. How exactly do you incorporate the visuals to the sound? For example.
MTKIDU: Our hands, eyes and a lot of practice.
Q7: Tell us something about the comic or animation scene in SA? What famous animators, graphic novelists or comic artists should we check out?
MTKIDU: Conrad Botes, Anton and mark Kannemeyer, Nikhal Singh Joh Del, Kidu and many more that I can’t think of right now.
Q8: Can you make a living as an illustrator in SA?
MTKIDU: After a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears…yes.
Q9: Would you see yourself work together with other ‘animation’ artists, or animate for other musicians? Who would it be?
MTKIDU: Tricky question but neither, as our narratives and images are carefully matched and written for each song and vice versa. But a fresh collaboration with another band similar to ours from another country would be super rad.
Q10: Which band, for example, would suit your style for collaboration?
MTKIDU: Well there’s three of them, Gorillaz (haha. Always aim big neh) a great band from England called Fingathing and obviously our Dutch homies SKIP & DIE MUTHA FUKKAS! FISTKISSES WE OUT.THANKS AND MAD RESPECT TO AFRICA UNSIGNED. LOVE MTKIDU
AU: My friends, thank you so much for this interview. To learn more about MTKIDU and support their project- Good luck guys
MTKIDU: It was ours and satans shit internet connections pleasure. Next time we do it in person ;) thanks again guys. Laters, mtkidu.

For more information and to support the band please follow this link.

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