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Ru CuteGeek: Namibia’s ‘random, loud, quirkey’ hip hop fountain of fun (VIDEO)

Ru CuteGeek

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StarAfrica: Hello Ru CuteGeek! It’s great to be able to share the fun we had listening to your Soundcloud and videos. Thank you so much for sharing with the StarAfrica community. Please introduce yourself in a few words. To begin with, why this stage name?
Ru CuteGeek: They call me Ru CuteGeek, Im a Namibian Award winning  female rapper.
Im 22 years old and i have just recently released my debute album. Ru comes from my full name Ruusa and Cutegeek is a name i got from my friends growing up, as i was and still am a nerd and i still love the cute things in life.

When and why did you decide to commit to a career in music? Did you have a clear idea from the onset of what you wanted to do or did it just “happen“?
I grew up with a strong affinity for arts, visual arts and performance arts, i knew i wanted to be on stage, i did theater and at the same time i cultivated my visual arts skills. I however still loved the science side and also made sure that i complete my studies in civil engineering.
When the opportunity presented itself i got introduced to my first producer when i was in grade 8 (2004) and he made sure he groomed me and in 2010 i released my first single Million Dolla Chick which went on to win best single in the 2011 Namibian annual music award. So it didnt just happen, lots of practice and work was put into kickstarting my Hip Hop career.

Your music, your style: can you define it in 3 words?
Random, Loud and quirkey… lol

What do you appreciate with the musical scene in Windhoek?
I must say that we still have a long way to go interms of being up to par when it comes to the music industry at large, but i appreciate the diversity we have amongst our artist. We have Smokey a Russian afro pop artist based in Windhoek who will be touring with me and Exit these holidays, we have Miss H being one of the top black girl Live band rockstar thats killing it. We have proper producers that will not mind sharing ideas as long as you get the best quality, like Elvo and Kboz.
Just mentioning afew but Windhoek is filled with talent, we just have to market ourselves properly.

Windhoek is filled with talent


Ru CuteGeek on stage with Miss H

You write your own lyrics. Do you rap in English only? Namibia is a language-rich country.
Yes i write my own lyrics, mostly i write them in english but there are tracks where i have incorporated verses in my mother language Oshiwambo and i have a track with miss H singing in Damara. Namibia is language rich but i dont want anyone being left out. Sometimes you gatta just find that neutral ground and make sure u dont limit your crowd too much.
But i am working on a full Oshiwambo track and eventually an album. Its also very challenging for me but it can be expected.

Cite one artist you relate with most. One who first inspired you to grab a mic or one you would love to sing with someday.
This has got to be Missy Elliot and Nas. Growing up i always had them playing in my walkman or disc man, they are the realest to me. So free to say whatever they want to, and dress however they want to. I love that. Missy has that wacky flow and outrageous concepts, Nas is an awesome lyricist and his collabo album with Dameian is just on point.

Lets say Crazy Beautiful, your first album, is a trip. What is the destination? Political ideas, emotions, where do you want to bring the listeners?
Im all about expressing what i feel. Half of Crazy Beautiful are feel good songs the type to jam when hanging out with buddies or simply bump it in your car as your interlude in your day to day experiences. The other half is all about how you should take a look at your own character and not be influenced to be someone just to look and feel cool. Im all about being cool without drugs and all that crap. I make being uncool cool. I want the listener to see that yes we all want to have fun but the price we have to pay should mearly be that of being true to oneself.

I make being uncool cool


Crazy Beautiful

Your style in music and clothes reminds us of Nicki Minaj. Is she an influence?
Alot of people say that, but the harijuku fashion has always been around. My fashion influencers would have to be the guru Lady Gaga and the punk model Audrey Kitching. I say its the 21st century fashion stage, like in the 70s its all about looking like a hippie with a large afro, the current trend is all about looking lolita and cute all the time :)

Tell us what we can expect from you soon in the future!
Im currently working on Music videos for the Crazy Beautiful album, and im on my a Namibian tour promoting it. And im dropping mixtapes every month. I will be going on tour in France next year and soon after an African tour will be my next move. Im also bring out merchandise so the space should be watched. :)


Be the best your mama made you to be!


Sadly, this interview comes to an end. Time to grace us with some words that will inspire our readership for generations to come, perhaps?
I say live big and never wait for a silver platter. Go out there and make it happen. The amount of work you put in is directly proportional to the result. So go out there and be the best your mama made you to be. :)

>>> Listen to Crazy Beautiful by Ru CuteGeek on Deezer

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