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Sela-Sela (Dance Together) lyrics

Arusa Entertainment

Sela Sela by Wes Madiko and Zahra Universe is the official song for the Orange AFCON 2013. - Copyright : Arusa Entertainment

Lyrics by: Zahra Universe, Wes Madiko
Rap lyric by Bossman

Verse 1:
Do you know the difference?  Wrong and right?
Not just a matter of black and white
One voice, one heart
Harmony in his sight
Thank God it don’t stay the same
Brother, sister, make that change
Rise up, sing out
Live the brighter day

Verse 2:
Smile child, you’re beautiful
Dance the rainbow, color my world
Move left, move right
Shout a message of joy
Stand together, hand in hand
Celebrate life, unity of man
Clap now, sing now
One voice on this land

I wanna dance with you
Music take you over, get ya in the groove
I wanna dance with you
Everyone together, now you feel it too!

Verse 3/w
I suffered in prison for you
I gave my life you
To you, can one day live together in harmony and peace
an open door which invites the world to love the world,
to achieve equality among peoples and make a universal reconciliation
Play together the ball in your foot and that the best wins
Dance together in joy together and scream together:

Mandela Joy
Mandela Peace
Mandela Hope
Mandela Together

Africa The eternal king of the peace to the world

yeah, Let’s make a change
Mardela did it
Patrice Lumunba did it
Martin did it
We all can do it
Do anything if you wanna do it

Crazy world when you’re going through it
Spread the love, make a change
Switch the pace, this ain’t a race
So black and white, forget the hate

Hands in the sky let’s celebrate
Everybody sing, Everybody dance
Before we fall, let’s make a stand
One minute man
Boy and girl
With just one voice we can change the world
With just one voice we can change the world


Sela Sela is the official song for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, SOUTH AFRICA 2013
VIDEO of Sela Sela the official song of the AFCON


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