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8,000 Ivorians settled in Morocco


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The source said that 3,000 out of the 8,000 Ivorian people in Morocco are students in some of the most prestigious Moroccan higher education institutions.

Some of them are even gathered in associations, according to the source, which added many Ivorian executives were trained in Morocco.

Some 1,500 Moroccans have also settled in Cote d’Ivoire working as tradesmen and in the tourism, hotel and restaurant industries.

Over the last few years an inrush of Moroccan businessmen in Cote d’Ivoire investing the industrial, banking and real estate sectors has been noted.

Cote d’Ivoire represents, according to some observers, a key step in the Moroccan King’s mini-tour in Sub-Saharan Africa which started Friday afternoon in Dakar, Senegal and will end in Gabon.

Mohamed VI was born in Rabat on 21 August 1963. He became king on 30 July 1999 after his father Hassan II died on 23 July 1999.

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