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Mozambique eyes sugar production at 425,000 in 2014


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Mozambique expects a sugar production this year to hit 425,000 tons following processing of 3.6 million tons of sugar cane planted on 47,620 hectares, sources said.Data from the government’s Centre for Promotion of Agriculture CEPAGRI, also include a projection of 131 tons of molasses.

This means an increase in the production of sugar cane, sugar and molasses of 13 percent, 11 percent and 12 percent respectively.

With the production level expected for 2014, Mozambique will be able to meet the demand of its domestic market and have a considerable surplus for export.

Overall exports are expected to total 295,000 tons all of which will be sent to European Union, EU countries as part of the “Anything But Arms� initiative.

Domestic consumption is expected to total 174,000 tons following sale sin 2013 of 162,800 tons, 136,00 tons of which was brown sugar and 26,800 tons of white sugar.

There are four sugar factories in Mozambique namely Marromeu, Xinavane, Maragra and Mafambisse – 25 producers associations and 486 independent producers.

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