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Mozambique parliament picks election officials


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Mozambique’s Parliament approved by consensus the appointments of eight legislators into the 13-member National Elections Commission (CNE), the local media reported on Saturday.Under the electoral legislation passed in December, the new CNE will have 13 members.

The three parties represented in Parliament will choose eight CNE members – five appointed by the ruling Frelimo Party, two by the main opposition party Renamo, and one by the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).

However, Renamo, who boycott this parliamentary session, has taken the decision to refuse to accept the new electoral legislation and is threatening to boycott the municipal elections scheduled for 20 November.

All Frelimo and MDM nominees affirmed during a sitting of the Assembly’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Commission that they do not have conflicts of interest as defined by the Law on Public Probity and that they would renounce any incompatible posts.

Frelimo’s nominations to the CNE were Antonio Chipanga, Rodrigues Timba, Antonio Muacorica, Abilio Diruai and Eugenia Chimpene, whilst MDM nominated Bernabe Ncomo.

Two CNE members will come from the legal community – a judge and an attorney, appointed by the two regulatory bodies, the Higher Council of the Judicial Magistracy, and the Higher Council of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The other three will come from civil society organisations. The law states that civil society bodies may propose candidates for the CNE to an ad-hoc committee set up by the Assembly. From the names proposed, the ad-hoc committee will draw up a short list of between 12 and 16 names that will be submitted to the Assembly plenary.

A secret ballot vote in the plenary will choose the three CNE members, while the three runners-up become supplementary members who will take over if any of the full members dies, resigns or is incapacitated.

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