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Opera web browser debuts in Swahili and Zulu

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Opera Software today released the newest update to its desktop web browser, Opera 11.50, available for the first time in Swahili and Zulu.  
Now supporting more than 50 languages in total, the Opera 11.50 browser adds four new languages, including Bengali and Punjabi. Codenamed "Swordfish", Opera 11.50 features improvements to its Speed Dial launch page, synchronization and design.

In the latest Opera version you can get social media feeds, immediate stock quotes, the current weather conditions, up-to-the minute news and sports scores, and much more, right in your Speed Dial. We call this new feature Speed Dial extensions. Instead of handy thumbnails and links to your top sites, you can embed your Speed Dial with extensions that keep you updated–instantly–on what is happening around the Web. Take weather updates, for example. Why click through to a website when you can get the current conditions live at a glance? Or, why not be the first to know the hot news of the day just by opening a new tab? We think Speed Dial extensions are a smarter way of getting to the content you want and need.

"The good news is, no matter what browser you choose, you’ll get something like this–eventually," said Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software. "The question is how long do you want to wait? With Opera, you can experience Speed Dial extensions along with our other pioneering features today."

Opera 11.50 worthy of being your next browser:

* Password synchronization: Now, Opera Link supports passwords, so you can synchronize your website passwords—securely—with other Opera browsers.  
It’s perfect for checking Facebook quickly when you’re supposed to be working.
* Sleek, now sleeker: Opera 11.50 sports a new design that’s even more streamlined and lightweight than our previous look.
* Under the hood: We fixed thousands of bugs and upgraded to our newest core rendering engine. Along the way, we also tweaked our software graphics engine with faster CSS and SVG rendering. What does that mean to you? Opera 11.50 is the fastest and most stable Opera browser ever.
* Goodies for developers: Eager to get your hands dirty with all of the new stuff in HTML5? We’ve got you covered. Opera 11.50 adds Session History and Navigation, the W3C File API, classlist and the <time> element to our already advanced HTML5 support.

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