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Polls put approval rating for Nigerian leader at 44% for June


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Nigeria’s leading opinion research and knowledge management organization, NOI Polls Ltd, has said that only four in 10 Nigerians (about 44%) approve the performance of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in its governance poll for the month of June 2013.

According to the poll results released by the organization on Tuesday in Abuja, the rating has remained constant when compared to last month’s ratings on the Nigerian leader.
“The results also indicate that 47% of Nigerians rate the performance of the current administration as average,” it said.

It noted that the poll was the sixth in the monthly series of governance polls conducted by NOI Polls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of Nigerians regarding three crucial elements – the approval rating of the president, the performance of the current administration, and the situation of power supply in Nigeria.

The results noted that the averages over a six month period showed that an average of 47% of Nigerians approved of the president’s job performance over the six month period and that the approval ratings declined by 6 points between January and June this year.

According to the poll results, President Jonathan’s approval ratings have been most affected in the months where power supply have been perceived as bad, showing a correlation between how Nigerians perceive his performance and their power supply.

“His ratings peaked in February at 54% when Nigeria won the African Cup of Nations and dipped at an all-time low to 42% in April, a month where 51% of Nigerians reported their power situation as bad,” the polls added.

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