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Rescind death penalty against woman, EU tells Sudan

The European Union has demanded that the Sudanese authorities rescind the death penalty by stoning on a woman for converting from Islam and marrying a Christian. The convict, Maryam Yahya Ibrahim, a medical doctor was charged with apostasy under Article 126 of the Sudanese Criminal Law concerning conversion from Islam and of adultery under Article 146 of the same law which carry the death penalty.

The court gave the woman three days to repent or face the death penalty after her trial which was condemned by the EU.

The EU in a statement in Khartoum on Wednesday reminded the government of their responsibility to safeguard freedom of religion as a universal human right that needs to be protected everywhere and for everyone.

It said within the context of relevant conventions, Sudan should not shun its international obligation to defend, and promote the freedom of religion.

“Although we are fully respecting the independence of the Sudanese legal system, but the EU and its member states have been attentively following this case� the statement stressed.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim’s lawyer Mohamed Abdul Nabi told APA on Tuesday that the doctor was convicted for adultery as she had conceived without being married under Muslim law.

Her husband who is British was acquitted as he had married her under Christian law.

“The decision should not be implemented because she is pregnant and has been held in the Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison since 17 February, with her 20-month-old sonâ€� Nabi explained.

The British Embassy in Khartoum has condemned the decision, calling on the Sudanese government to review it and respect its international obligation to freedom of religion.

Mrs. Ibrahim was born in western Sudan to an Ethiopian Christian mother and a Sudanese Muslim father.

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