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Sudan, Egypt agree joint border patrols

Sudan’s minister of defense, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein has said that both Khartoum and Cairo have agreed in principle to jointly patrol their common border.
Speaking to journalists in Khartoum upon his return from Cairo on Wednesday, Hussein said the two countries had agreed to deploy their joint forces in order to monitor their common border.

“We agreed to conduct military patrols to protect the border and prevent the smuggling of weapons” the minister said of his meeting with his Egyptian counterpart Abdul Fatah Alssisi.

“Aside from other security issues, we agreed to solve our border disputes through dialogue” he pointed out.

Khartoum and Cairo have historical disputes on the border demarcation around Halayeb on the northeast of their common border.

Relations between Sudan and Egypt deteriorated following the removal from power of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi last July.

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