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Boxing / Morocco: El Maachi honored in London


Yassin, alias "The Showman" has in fact won, at York Hell in the British capital, the Prizefighter light weight, one of the tournaments given at lot of media coverage in boxing. To achieve this, the Moroccan boxer courageously got rid of Colin Lynes, former world champion of the International Boxing Organization in the semifinals and of Junior Witter, the title holder. The ceremony of Saturday, organized by the Association of Moroccans in London, London Al Maghareba, was an opportunity to present the young thirty-year-old to the Moroccan community. "This ceremony gives me a tremendous boost for my next match. I am more motivated than ever to confirm my talents, because I know that the eyes of Moroccans are now focused on me. "With the unwavering support it is with all assurance that The Showman will start the next world light weight championship.
Note that Yassine El Maachi started boxing at the age of 11, and has won several national titles.

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