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HANDBALL / 2011 Women Handball world cup : Angola aims for the top 10


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Once more Algeria will be the best Africa representative in a woman world cup to be played in Brazil. A world cup as it has always been that will certainly be won by a European team. However, Maria Tavarez mates hope to enter the top 10 just as in 2007. To achieve their goal, they will count on their experience acquired in great events. This will be the tenth consecutive participation for Luanda girls in the world cup and the fourth in an Olympic event. This omnipresence is due to complete domination on the continental level with tenth Africa titles (seven consecutive). It will really be difficult for their opponents to catch up. Tunisian Haifa Abdelhak, France professional player has her way of seeing things: “I think the local championship is of good level. The reason why they don’t often come out is certainly because they are satisfied of national events. Not to mention that their best clubs all have continental titles. This could the reason.’ The Former Havre player is not on the wrong

Angola is just doing great both in Handball and Basket ball: a semi-professional competition with two leading local club level – Primeiro Agosto and Petro Atletico Luanda – that offer good working conditions and effectively avoid the risk of exile and loss of top players.

That is how this great Southern country managed to dethrone Maghreb team more especially Tunisia, Africa number 1 in the years 70 and 80 even though they remain the main rival.

Haifa Abdelhak continues by explaining this lost of power: “I thing the decline was since 1998 when Tunisia decided to put aside their national team for three or four years. We started back to zero meanwhile Angolans showed a continuous progression and developed a team spirit since they were already playing together in the Junior category. They took an ascendant on us, a gap we tried to cover since 2006.

The proof is in the last two edition of the African Cup of Nations, we have failed so little in the final. Only two goals separated us. “Tunisia whose preparation for Brazil tournament has not being convincing, with two defeats against France and Montenegro in Paris will try to renew the feat as in 2009 in China where she ended up 14th. Their record since 1975.

Cote d’Ivoire, third Africa representative is also used to world event with 5 participations in the world cup since 1995. That is practically since when Africa was given the opportunity to have three qualification tickets in a competition of 16 to 20 teams. Ivoirians have the credit of disqualifying Congolese and Algerians of the third place. Given the fact they are already very far behind Angola and Tunisia, Edwige Zaddy mates could satisfy of entering the world top 16. Performance done once in (1995). With Sweden and Croatia and Denmark in their group, things will really be tough.

African Groups

Group A

Angola, Norway, Montenegro, China, Iceland, Germany

Group C

Tunisia, France, Cuba, Japan, Brazil and Romania

group D

Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Uruguay

African teams

first round

December 3: Angola China, Tunisia – Romania, Croatia – Ivory Coast

December 4: Angola Iceland;

December 5: France – Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Sweden;

December 6: Angola – Montenegro, Tunisia – Cuba, Ivory Coast, Argentina

December 7: Angola Norway

December 8: Tunisia – Japan, Ivory Coast – Denmark

December 9: Angola – Germany, Tunisia – Brasil, Ivory Coast – Uruguay

African Women in the World Cup

2009: 11. Angola. 14. Tunisia. 18 Côte d’Ivoire

2007: 7. Angola. 15. Tunisia. 17. Congo

2005: 16. Angola. 21. Côte d’Ivoire. 22. Cameroon

2003 / 17. Angola. 18. Tunisia. 21. Côte d’Ivoire.

2001: 13. Angola. 19. Tunisia. 22. Congo

1999: 15. Angola. 20. Côte d’Ivoire. 22. Congo.

1997: 14. Côte d’Ivoire. 15. Angola. 19. Algeria

1995: 14. Angola. 16. Côte d’Ivoire (of 16)

1993: 16. Angola

1990: 16. Angola

1986. RAS

1982: 12. Congo (12)

1978: 12. Algeria (12)

1975: 12. Tunisia (12)

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