The 37-year-old who joined Cricket Kenya (CK) in July 2011 will leave his role due to a number of security issues that have affected his family. “It is a very difficult decision we as a family have had to make but sadly we have been directly and indirectly affected by a number of security related incidents in recent weeks and my family has to come first,” he said.

Hesson’s decision to leave the national team comes only five days after CK chief executive Tom Sears who was behind his appointment confirmed that he will not be renewing his contract with the board.

Sears will be moving to Ireland where he will take up a job with Ireland Rugby. “I want to stress that this has absolutely nothing to do with any issues relating to my role as national coach and is not cricket related in any way. This is purely a decision about the safety of my family and quality of life. Whilst arrangements are being made for my wife and children to return to New Zealand as soon as possible, I will remain behind to complete any imminent national team engagements,” Sears added.

Sears said the development was obviously an extremely sad situation but Cricket Kenya understands the reasoning behind Mike’s decision and respects his wishes.