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Morocco: FBI Sava Faces 4-man suspension


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Four players of FBI of Sava have been denied entry in the Ambaton-drazaka field where the ongoing NIB national basketball championship takes place. Arthur Arivelo, Feno Stephane, Lida Mananjara Emilio and Jonah Solofonirina violated a referee and some players in their recent encounter against ASB. The match ended with FBI Sava falling 79-85. Despite the defeat, they qualified for the 8th finals of the NIB championship.

8th finals fixtures

VBCA Vs FBI; ASUM Vs Vaitrini; SBC Vs JCM; BBC Vs Lazani Bestileo; Cospn Vs UASF; JCB Vs 3FB; ASBCM Vs All Star and GNBC Vs ASB.

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