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The hour of truth will come next April 27 for the best African boxers

with the start of the pre-Olympic tournament that will run till the 5

May in Casablanca. Close to 200 boxers representing 32 countries are

expected. There are extraordinary stakes at the competition: grab a

ticket for the London 2012 Olympics. A really important moment that

has been prepared for four years. Others, the majority, of those who

failed to qualify for Beijing 2008, have been preparing longer than

that. The ring battle in the Moroccan economic capital will even be

stiff because there are numerous contenders. For sure, countries like

Algeria, Morocco (host), Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritius or Cameroon, have

an advantage but if is even tougher behind. The continental amateur

boxing has made some progress opening the door for the ambitions of

new countries like Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia or

Tanzania. There will be 48 places to grab in order to qualify for the

Olympics in less than three months.

Some categories (- 52 kg, 56kg), will offer five or six places,

others more or less the heavy weight, light weight and heavy which

will have just two spots to offer for the numerous athletes. Compared

to other continents, notably Europe (46), Asia(28) and North America

(14), Africa could not and did not know how to grab extra spots during

the last World Championships. Only Algeria’s Mohamed Amine Ouadahi,

quarter finalist in the 56kg knew how to do it. A second spot was won

by Algeria’s Abdelhafidh Benchbala in the mid weight category thanks

to his triumph in the World Boxing Series, WBS.


State of affairs by categories

Mid –Mouches (46-49 kg)

Ranked world number 9, Cameroon’s Thomas

Essomba will be heavily tipped as favourite as well as Morocco’s

Abdelali DaraaBut the two will have to face competition from South

Africa’s Lobogang Pilane and Botswana’s Bathusi Mogajane and Gabon’s

Hamed Ngough

Mouches ( 52 kg)

Infront of his home crowd, Morocco’s Abdelfattah Nafil will not be far

from the podium in a category where competition is stiff. To start

with that of Mauritius Gilbert Ludovic Bactora, ranked nineth in the

world. Algeria will equally be defending their chances through the

young talented Samir Brahimi. To equally watch closely are Benin’s

Raoul Adjaho and Egypt’s Hesham Abdelaal.

Coqs (56 kg)

The spot left by Algeria’s Ouadahi Mohamed Amine who has already

qualified thanks to his quarter final performance at the World

Championships has left the door open for Mauritius Louis Richard Bruno

Julie, ranked world number 15, Botswana’s Tirafelo Seoko and Gabon’s

Romeo Lemboumba

Light weight (60 kg)

This category could put smiles on the face of Algeria’s Abdelkader

Chadi who is comfortably sitted in the Top 8 in the world just ahead

of Cameroon’s Mewoli Abdoun. But the battle for the podium could

equally concern Benin’s Shafick Chitou, Morocco’s Mahdi

Ouatine), South Africa’s Hionipha Emil Maboko and Tunisia’s Ahmed


Super Light Weight ( 64 kg)

There are at least three boxers to be in contention : Mauritius Louis

Richarno Colin, ranked world 11th in the world, Algeria’s Sid Ali

Berrag and Cameroon’s Babou Mahaman Smaila

Welterweight (69 kg)

The battle for the title will undoubtedly a Maghrebian one. Tunisia’s

Amor Bahri and Algeria’s Ilyas Abbadi are not far from each other.

Both boxers could meet in the finals unless the draws put them head to

head before or if Cameroon’s Joseph Mulema decides to pull an upset.

Mid Weight(75 kg)

There are talented boxers vying inthis category. Joseph Kennedy

Saint-Pierre ( Mauritius),Jovette Nicole Jude (Seychelles), Youness Gharrouli

(Morocco), Abdelmalek Rahou (Algeria) et Hassane Chagtmi (Tunisia)

will light up the event.

Mid Heavyweight (81 kg)

Yahia El Mkacheri is one of Tunisia’s potential chances in this

category. His greatest rival will be Egypt’s Mohamed

Amine El Alfi with outsiders like James Agathe ( Mauritius), Keddy

Evan Agnes (Seychelles) and Amine Azzouzi

(Morocco) having their own word to say.

Heavyweight (91 kg)

In this category the favourites are not under a hot seat but there

will be two places to grab. Cameroon’s Romarick Ngoula Tangoum will be

throwing his last dice as well as Tunisia’s Jami Chedly

Super-Heavyweight(+ 91 Kg)


n his backyard, Morocco’s Mohammed Arjaoui could be faced with stiff

competition from Tunisia’s Trabesli Aymen, Algeria’s Kamel Rahmani and

especially the defending Champion, Cameroon’s Blaise Yepoum Mendouo


African Quota for the Olympics (by category)

46-49 kg; 6 ; 52 kg: 6; 56 kg:; 6; 60 kg;6;

64 kg; 6; 69 kg: 6: 75 kg: 5; 81 kg: 4: 91 kg: 2; + 91 kg: 2.


2011 Defending African Champions

Mi-mouches: Thomas Essomba (Cam); Mouches : Ludovic Bactorat (Mce);

Coqs: Mohamed Amine Ouadahi (Alg). ;Lightweight: Abdelkader Chadi (Alg).

Super Lightweight: Richarnoi Colin (Mce); Welters: James

Kennedy Saint-Peirre (Mce). Midweight:

Abdelmalek Rahou (Alg); Middleweight : Yahia Mekacheri (Tun). Heavyweight:

Romaric Ngoula

Tangoum (Cam). Super-Heavyweight: Blaise

Yepmou Medouo (Cam).

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