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Shoot/Africa championship : Egypt for a triple


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African Nations Championship in pistol and riflee is scheduled from October 16 to 25 in Cairo. Playing at home, Egypt will try to conserve the title earned with upper hand in 2010 in Alger.

Cairo meeting will just see the participation of Algeria, Angola, Tunisia, Kenya, Libya, Senegal, Sudan and South Africa. These countries are not only playing for the title but also to win the favor to represent Africa during 2012 Olympic games. Africa double champion, 2008, 2010, Egypt will definitely be the great favorite and aims to do an historic triple. The past talks for them.
For some time already, Egyptian shooters got their qualification ticket for Olympics games, (2008) world championship (2007, 2009, and 2011.) For London games, Egyptians already have their ticket for trap and skeet both for men and women thanks to their victory june last in Morocco. In Rabat, shooters did great and saw the very great performance of their champion Azmy Mehlba (148 points out of 150).
To affirm their superiority on the African continent, Egyptians counts on their star, Mohamed Ismïl Abdellah, Mediterranean Games champion in 2009 despite the presence of dangerous French, Italian and Spanish shooters.
But besides Egypt which African country could hope for medals and honor? South Africa and Tunisia will not easily get defeated. Confirmed by Egypt technical director, Abdelhalim Ohaleb. Our main rival is South Africa with very good shooters. Tunisia also has very great team-women, most of them members of the army.
As for Algeria, led by a great technician from Cuba, Julian Rodolfo is quite prepare to win some accessits and why not a place on the podium.
On its side, Senegal, African team vice champion in Tipaza,2010 will have a difficult task with a group of 4 athletes (among which a girl, Anta Dioum) and lack of financial and logistic assistances. But one never knows.

Scheduled events
Gentlemen :
Free pistol, Air gun (10 m), 50 m rifle prone position, standing, knee (3×40 shots)
Ladies :
Air gun (10 m), 50 m rifle prone position, standing knee (3×20 shots)
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