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Tunisia /Handball: Olympic team flies for Strasbourg tomorrow


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The Tunisia Olympic squad travels to Strasbourg tomorrow to continue preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games coming up this month in London. They will play two friendly encounters; one against France July 13 and the other July 15 against Island or Spain. The Tunisians will continue their preparations in Serbia where they play their last friendly matches against the country July 18 and Hungier July 19. Mahmoud Ghabi is reported to have been sanctioned by the disciplinary board for bad conduct during their recent training camp in Hammamet. The player who has been banned from the national seven will also pay a fine of 5000 dinars. He will not go to London.

List of players selected: Marouane Maggaïez, Wassim Helal, Makram Missaoui (3rd goalkeeper), Issam Tej, Marouane Chouiref, Heykel Megannem, Kamel Alouini, Wissem Hmam, WaÃl Jallouz, Mosbah Sanaï, Slim Hédoui, Oussama Boughanmi, Anouar Ayed, Aymen Bannour, Aymen Toumi and Jalel Touati.

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