Adebayor feels disappointed after failing to sign with Lyon

Emmanuel Adebayor in a press conference Copyright -StarAfrica

Emmanuel Adebayor was about to sign with Olympique Lyonnais previously this week. However, the club’s managers seem to change their mind in the last minute.

The Togolese striker didn’t understand the reason behind this cancellation. He told the media: “We agreed on all the details concerning my transfer. They were even about to send a private plane to Lomé. I arrived on Friday morning and they told me that I have to meet the coach. Honestly, I thought that I will go through the medical tests and sign the contract. I think that their last victory in the UEFA Champions League pushed them to change their mind”.

Adebayor added: “They refused to sign me because of my participation in the next AFCON ? I can’t believe it. They showed their interest in me after our qualification. They knew that I will be participating in this competition. I’m the national team’s captain. How can I miss such a big competition ?”.

Former Tottenham’s finished this talk by saying: “The coach asked me some weird questions. He wanted to know if I’m married, if I have a child. He only had to look in the internet! It’s as if he didn’t know that I was about to sign a contract”.