Adebayor: "I have nothing to prove with Crystal Palace!"

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Emmanuel Adebayor who recently joined Crystal Palace said that he has nothing to prove with his new club. The Togolese striker also mentioned that all the rumors talking about his disciplinary issues are totally false.

The 31-year-old striker said during an interview with “Evening Standard” magazine: “Yes there’s a bad reputation about me but if you ask every sigle coach about my behavior, maybe one or two will say that I had a bad behavior with my teammates”.

Adebayor added: “I just want to play and to recuperate my happy moments. I have nothing to prove, I just want to enjoy football”.

He finished this talk by saying: “The coach told me that I should play the role of a leader and that I should be a good example for the other players. This means that I should come on time to the training sessions and to act in a professional way. That’s exactly what I’m doing”.