Can Liverpool work their way up to PL Champions this season?

Liverpool Copyright -AFP

Liverpool has not won the Premier League for quite some time now and their fans will be hoping their luck or better still their talent could change this year…like every year. The last time they won the League was during the 1989/90 season and since then things haven’t gone their way in the League.

Sure, many will remember the 2013/14 season when Liverpool came very close to winning it, and it was arguably a mistake from their Skipper Steven Gerrard that cost them the League. But there has always been hope in the horizon and many believe Jurgen Klopp is the right man to help them secure this trophy.

After finishing 4th, Liverpool will have a chance to play in the Champions League while competing for the Premier League too. But the main question which will be asked is if they are ready.

The club has shown during their pre-season games that they are a force to reckon with as their new signing Mohamed Salah has been in fine form together with the other old players like Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho. Dominic Solanke from Chelsea too has shown he is quite ready for the challenge. In general, the club has shown positive energy.

Philippe Coutinho is one of the key players for Liverpool and would be very vital if they are to compete this season. But at the moment, there are a lot of rumors linking him away from the club.

If last season taught us anything, it is the fact that consistency is an important factor when competing for the league. Liverpool had a great start last season, but were very inconsistent throughout and that’s why they only finished 4th.

If the Reds are to stand a chance this season, then they must have a quality squad depth so that in times of injuries and rotations, they won’t suffer like last season. Maybe a couple of more signings would be ideal for Liverpool.