Champions League: And the Masters of Come-Back award goes to ... SEVILLA FC !

After being led 3-0 at half-time, Sevilla FC snatched a sensational draw against Liverpool (3-3) on Tuesday in the Champions League. Nothing is played in this group for the qualification in the round of 16 but we can sure enjoy the melodramatic Come-Back Sevilla performed !

In the shock game of Group E, Liverpool conceded three goals in the second half after being in the centre of a comfortable lead in the first half, but the reds didn’t manage to keep that lead safe as they conceded a draw at the last minute of the game, which prevents them not only from the qualification ticket for the knockout stages of the competition, but also to finish first of their group.

Ben Yedder to the rescue !

At the second half, Wissam Ben Yedder led the come-back drama. The French striker has put his team on the right track by scoring twice, a crossed head on a free kick (51) and on penalty (60), bringing his total to six goals in five games at the Champions League this season. Seville pushed quit good and their efforts ended up paying off. At the end of the extra time, Pizarro equalized on a corner (90 + 3). Consequence: everything remains to be done in this group.