The Coutinho deal : Money before Glory or it's just a Reality Check ?

Seems like no club is safe from other’s clubs money splashing this year. And this time it Liverpool’s turn to face threats of losing Coutinho to the Spanish giants Barcelona.

£72.. €100 and probably more !

Barca have already had a £72 million bid rejected by Liverpool and they came back stronger especially after Neymar move to PAY with a £100 bid for the Brazilian youngster but THAT TOO got rejected and Liverpool made it loud and clear that Coutinho is not for sale !

Major challenge ahead for Liverpool

Just as the season is about to start, Barcelona are working their way in a potential transfer of Coutinho to the Spanish giants. But will Liverpool step away to make it happen ? Liverpool are without a doubt a selling club, it has been since the days of Torres. They may not recognize it in Liverpool but it is the current state of the Club. Klopp may be playing a role in keeping the red’s dream alive by insisting that he’s not selling Coutinho but the lack of winning titles in over a quarter of century is not quite the motivation for any player to commit to Liverpool in the days where the culture of winning taking over the culture of one club itself.

A mojor need for change

The lack of success in Liverpool will probably continue if Liverpool kept selling every hint of future success. Selling the likes of Javier Mascherano, Luis Suarez, and now probably Coutinho while in the middle of their outstanding career is probably one of the major reasons Liverpool has been and is currently struggling to keep up with the giants of football.

Not everyone is Steven Gerrard. No one Is.

Resisting every single invitation to win more titles and stay at the ground where you made your debut as a teenager and left as a legend is something that will probably never happen again. It’s just a Gerrard thing. And no one is accepting Coutinho to stay in Liverpool is they are still victims of their own selling strategy.

Reality, facts, and nothing more !

Selling Coutinho to Barca would just be acceptance of current reality by Liverpool. Liverpool will not be able to keep up with Barca and they probably should accept the fate and spend the money to identify one or two transfer targets who might actually be attainable.