Diego Costa: "Drogba helped Chelsea to grow..."

Diego Costa celebrating a goal. Copyright -Via Chelsea's official twitter: @chelseafc

When he first arrived to Chelsea in 2004, Diego Costa met one of the club’s most brilliant players : Didier Drogba. The Spanish striker revealed in his last talk to Chelsea Tv that the Ivorian striker helped him a lot to become what he actually is.

Diego said: “I’ve always considered Drogba as an example to be followed as a striker. He was strong, he scored many goals and he was a top quality player. The fact of watching him on the pitch helped me a lot to enhance my level. I’ve even loved to watch him when he plays in Ivory Coast”.

He added: “When I first came here, he has never been cold with me. I didn’t feel afraid. He’s a legend that helped the club to grow and he took part of all this. I will always be thankful to him and each time I see him, I will thank him for all what he’s done to me”.