Could there be drama in the EPL after Chelsea and Tottenham

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Chelsea and Tottenham have very little to play for on this last day of play in the EPL. Chelsea are already champions, while Tottenham has already secured its place as the runners up.

On the other side, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal have a lot to play for on this last day come 3 pm. Manchester City who is presently 3rd on the table have 75 points, 2 above Liverpool and 3 above Arsenal. The goal difference between these teams too is very minimal.

The stakes will be very high. 2 out of these 3 clubs will be able to qualify for the Champions league and that will depend on their performances. Manchester City will need just a draw to perfectly secure their top 4 spot, while Liverpool will need a win. In England, the top 3 teams automatically qualify for the Champions League while the 4th team goes to play-offs. But these conditions would not apply if Arsenal does not win its match.

For the Gunners to have a chance to qualify, they would have to beat Everton with a good score line and hope either Liverpool ends in a draw or Manchester city loses with a huge score line or better still both. If both teams win, then Arsenal for the first time in a long while will fail to qualify for the Champions league.

If we are to make a safe bet, it would be that Arsenal would not qualify, but with the amount of drama we have experienced already this season, anything could happen.

One more interesting thing will be the fact that Manchester United could also qualify for the Champions League by winning the Europa League, but this will not affect the stakes of the other above mentioned EPL teams.