The English Premier League first fixtures: Arsenal vs Leicester City as a big opening game.

The first journey of the English Premier League will be played in exactly 4 days with a very powerful starting game that got Leicester City facing Arsenal FC in the Emirates.

Others fixtures will be listed in this article along the dates.


11/08/2017                         Arsenal FC                 –                 Leicester City                                        

12/08/2017                        Chelsea FC                –                   Burnley FC                            

12/08/2017                         Crystal Palace           –             Huddersfield Town                                

12/08/2017                         Everton FC                –                    Stoke City                                            

12/08/2017                   Southampton FC          –                Swansea City                          

12/08/2017          West Bromwich Albion       –            AFC Bournemouth                  

12/08/2017        Brighton & Hove Albion       –               Manchester City     

13/08/2017             Newcastle United               –           Tottenham Hotspur                                

13/08/2017           Manchester United             –            West Ham United