English Premier League: Wenger's Arsenal keeps drowning

Get the latest update on what happened in England, Spain and Italy this Sunday. Manchester United gets ahed of. Barcelona get shaken up by Valencia. Bayern Munich, more than ever, on road for the title.

Premier League

Manchester United ahead of Arsenal

As incredible as it may sound, Arsenal is now 6th in the Premier League ! Loosing on Saturday to West Bromwich Albion (3-1), the Gunners have been tope by Manchester United this Sunday. Regardless of the abscence of many key players, such as  Zlatan Ibrahimovic (suspended) and Paul Pogba (injured), les Red Devils managed to gain easily their 3 points against Middlesbrough (3-1). Even though Middlesbrough  had the advantage of the ball (64% of possesion), Man U was better in front of the goal.