FIFA warns Ghana

Christian Atsu with Ghana. Copyright -Via Christian Atsu's twitter account

FIFA have warned Ghana Football Association that they will be banned if the country conducts a government-ordered Commission of Enquiry into its World Cup campaign.

The commission’s mission was to investigate Ghana’s early elimination from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as well as the conduct of some players in the camp.

However, the way FIFA view it is as if it is a governmental interference with the Ghana Football Association which is strictly unacceptable by football’s world governing body.

These are issues strictly in the competence of GFA. Thus the competent body to discuss these issues should be the GFA Congress and not any outside body,” the FIFA letter read.

We would like to remind you that all FIFA member associations have to manage their affairs independently and without influence of any third parties.

“Should any decision be rendered by the Commission against GFA officials thereby removing them from office, it would be considered as interference in the GFA affairs and the case would be brought to Fifa’s highest instances for appropriate sanctions.

“We refer to the power that the Commission would have to remove any member of the Executive Committee of the President of the GFA in case of adverse findings.

“We are confident that you will reach an understanding with the Commission and that you will collaborate as long as the autonomy of the GFA is respected.”