Gianluigi Buffon makes statement on retirement.

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Gianluigi Buffon is one of the greatest ever goalkeepers to have graced a football pitch and now at the age of 39, there has been a lot of speculations regarding his continuation or retirement. He recently stated in an interview that “I’m 99.9 percent certain of retirement”

The Italian has won almost all trophies there is to football, but one accolade which still eludes him is the Champions League glory, something which seems to play a lot in his decision to retire or not. Before the final of the Champions League against Real Madrid, many speculated Buffon will hang up his boots if he won, but now that he didn’t new speculations have been fueling the air.

Recently the shot stopper said he will give it one more try to win the Champions League with Juventus and if it fails, he will retire from Football. This means, he will defile the odds and play the world cup as he last tournament if he wins the Champions League next season.

He added in an interview with sky sports “We’ve just left one small possibility open with the president. That is if we manage to win the Champions League I will carry on playing one more year to try to win the Club World Cup and other trophies.”

Whether Gianluigi Buffon wins the Champions League or not, he will by any measure, remain one of football’s greats and will be remembered by many Italians as a hero.