Giroud: "Somewhere we were born to score"

Olivier Giroud lifts the veil on the craft of striker in an exciting journey in the head of the striker. For, it takes us to the heart of the action, on the field.
“What quality is it necessary to be a striker?
Patience. I have made a lot of progress in this area. I have always persevered throughout my career, it was the master word because nothing happened easily. It is also the case in game. Sometimes you’re worse, you hit fewer balloons, but you’re still an attacker in your soul and you think you’re gonna have one. In some matches I scored at the last minute after missing a big opportunity in the first minute and seeing a goal rejected for an offside that did not exist. I did not let go, I believed to the end, that is what makes the striker tough. Believe until the end that you are going to have one.

Sometimes it does not always happen, this last opportunity. Or maybe wrong. This is the limit of the scorer …
I think that an attacker must know how to adapt to the situation, he must do the best with the ball he has. (He thinks.) That’s what being attacked means adapting. After that, it is up to the passer to give you the right ball at the right time, but if the ball does not arrive as you hope, it is up to you to do with. Especially in the surface, where anticipation comes into play. Knowing where you are placed in space is important. Feel the defenders around you and do with it.