Higuain has the highest salary in Serie A

For a long time, the Serie A was one of the pillars of the “stars salary”, with Alessandro Del Piero, number 1 in our top 20 in 2000. Little by little, however, the Italian Championship was overwhelmed by the Competition of the Liga, the Premier League and the Bundesliga. More recently, the L1 and the Chinese Championship. For three years and the 19th place of Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian elite has completely disappeared from our top 20 international. At what level are their representatives now? The following ranking, the top 10 of the biggest incomes of Serie A, responds to it, enabling us to shed light on a tournament that was once dominant economically. And it is, unsurprisingly, under the influence of the players of Juventus, five-time defending champion.

Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus): € 15.5m
A record transfer in the summer of 2016 (€ 90 million from Naples to Juve), “Pipita” has the largest salary of the peninsula at the Vieille Dame: € 13.8 million gross per year, or 7.5 million € after tax, until June 2020. The Argentinian striker born in Brest has garnered nearly € 1.5 million from his Nike equipment and other commercial operations, as well as bonuses with Napoli and Argentina . If Gonzalo Higuain has the biggest salary of Serie A, he will soon share this privilege with his compatriot and team-mate Juve, Paulo Dybala, who will extend with the Turin club in a few weeks to 7.5 M € net per season