Italy's Coach Giampiero Ventura: "...We are Really Sorry.."

Italy won’t be for the first time in a really long time in the World Cup due to the draw against sweden after a they lost 1-0 in the firt round of the playoff game.

Giampiero Ventura, the Italy coach, has not resigned yet, but is well aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Ventura appeared for the press to give his saying on the game, in San Siro. with a very serious face, obviously sad, he explained that he had not submitted his resignation, despite the huge failure.

“This is Football and you have to accept it. I am proud to have been part of the azzurro group, I am proud to have worked with great champions, and with others to whom I wish to become one. I am disappointed, because tonight I understood what a national team was, and I thank the supporters of San Siro who helped us to the end. We deserved better.” He said.

“I apologize to the Italians for the very bad result. But sorry for the implication, the game and the will. But we are very sorry for the result, which is the most important thing…” he added